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When Gintama ruins their own opening.

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  Kuroshitsuji 91 : That Butler, Change 

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Reblog if you’ve made at least one friend because of a fandom.

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64 year old cosplayer, I’m not sure that is sad or cool, but he sure knows how to cosplay!

What do you mean sad, this is super cool!

such a boss

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 ...seems rather dull, just like that guy
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So tonight, a friend tagged me in this photo from Wondercon 2012:
(I’m the Martian Man-Eater. As an aside, someone referred to me as the Martian Man-Chaser. Excuse me, no. It is the men who chase ME, not vice-versa *snap*)

I (mistakenly) decided to read the comments on this particular photo.
When I post pics on my personal page, people are mostly cool and respectful, because they know that the sharpness of my tongue is legendary and they had best not mess. And while most of the comments were tame or expected (cute a bazillion comments on the hotness of the ladies involved, paticularly Joan Stewart, because let’s face it, she fine), I did see a lot of ignorance seeping out of the woodwork. And it occurred to me just how many assumptions people make about cosplayers, and just how incredibly wrong they are. So I’m going to address a few of those today.

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Shingeki no Kyojin Movie Posters Pt. 2

Pt. 1 (x)

I’m going to burn in hell, I know.

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